Our Team




Where do you draw inspiration from?
Travel; seeing other places, their design, architecture, food, etc… You can grow and learn so much from visiting other places.

What was the most memorable project you've worked on?
Always my last project. We are currently re-imagining the interiors for Blantyre – a 100-year-old castle in the Berkshires, and America’s first Relais & Châteaux Hotel – with a brief to preserve all that has made this historic property so special, but to lovingly move it into the 21st century.

How would you describe your personal design taste?
Classic, sophisticated, comfortable, layered and inspired.

A hospitality executive with 20 years of luxury hotel and restaurant industry experience, Hostettler has been instrumental in the development, growth and management of, as well as the service delivery within, Ocean House and its sister properties. Hostettler’s responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day operations, spearheading interior and structural design undertakings,  the long-term strategic vision for the properties.

Hostettler’s distinguished career in international hospitality includes the development and management of hotels, restaurants, residential components and private clubs; including overseeing leading landmark hotel and resort properties across the United States and Europe.




What is your design philosophy?
To achieve the WOW factor! In every project, I strive for the moment when a client or guest walks into a space and is just blown away. I'm always listening for subtle cues and trying to uncover little details that will help me add a uniquely special touch to each project while maintaining a timeless feel. 

What project are you dying to work on?
I get inspired and excited to work on new projects all the time. Recently we were approached to design part of a hospital wing in classic Ocean House style – I'm thrilled about that. I'd love to design a cruise liner or a luxury yacht. I have always wanted to design a boat!

What makes your style unique?
I love to use reclaimed pieces. There's something so special about breathing new life into beloved old pieces and incorporating them into new spaces.

Growing up surrounded by design influence all around her, Brittany Borghesi is an extraordinary talent, and a key player on the OHM Design Group team. With support from her mother – an interior design vendor specializing in custom pillows and bedding – and her father – once a custom furniture builder – Brittany began her design career in Florida, interning with some of the area's top designers. Shortly after earning her degree from Becker College in Worester, MA, Brittany worked for Restoration Hardware before taking a job she couldn't refuse at the Boston Design Center. It was during this time that she experienced and fell in love with luxury design.

In 2014, Brittany joined the Ocean House family by fate as a Guest Relations Agent where she mastered the fine details of luxury hospitality. Not after long, she took what she'd learned and her brief stint in hospitality quickly blossomed into the design career of her dreams. Partnering with Daniel Hostettler, the duo collaborated to form OHM Design Group.